R718.com RSS feed news, products, community - R718.com is the industry platform for the natural refrigerant water used in cooling and refrigeration. Everything R718 http://www.r718.com/rss article company event paper R718.com RSS feed http://www.r718.com/rss http://www.r718.com/themes/r718/img/logo.png 140 70 (c) 2018 R718.com RSS2Writer Tue, 20 Nov 2018 00:42:43 +0100 http://www.r718.com/rss en-gb Tue, 20 Nov 2018 00:42:43 +0100 Comfortech 2016 http://www.r718.com/events/view/1100 http://www.r718.com/events/view/1100 2016-09-16 17:11:22 event <p>Comfortech brings together the latest products, trends and business solutions for mechanical contractors involved in HVACR, Hydronics and Plumbing.</p> <p>This national event features conference sessions that educate and inspire business transformation while delivering insight on the latest industry trends that are impacting business owners and service professionals. The Expo environment provides an opportunity to learn more about the latest products that help drive business and boost profitability while connecting attendees with the manufacturers that are responsible for developing those tools and solutions that are critical to success in this ever changing business environment.</p> 2016 Euroheat &amp; Power District Energy Days http://www.r718.com/events/view/1074 http://www.r718.com/events/view/1074 2016-08-02 07:21:40 event <p>The Euroheat &amp; Power District Energy Days&nbsp;will provide a high-level forum for policy-makers, industry and civil society to exchange views on how thermal networks can help deliver a smoother energy transition at European, national and local level.</p> <p>&nbsp;This policy conference will be followed by two additional and related events: first the 2nd edition of the DHC+ Brokerage event and second, the final conference of the&nbsp;<a href="http://stratego-project.eu/" target="_blank">STRATEGO</a>&nbsp;project.&nbsp;</p> Webinar Wednesday : GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in Japan - State of the Industry http://www.r718.com/events/view/1070 http://www.r718.com/events/view/1070 2016-07-25 17:24:34 event <p>The &ldquo;GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in Japan - State of the Industry 2016" is shecco's latest regional report to zoom in on current and future use of natural refrigerants. The GUIDE analyses key market, technology and policy trends for natural refrigerants in Japan, focusing on key sectors like commercial and industrial refrigeration. It identifies best-practice technology case studies across the country, successful business cases in export markets, as well as presents market forecasts per application and refrigerant. It delivers a unique perspective to a targeted audience of Japanese and foreign policy makers, industry leaders and end-users worldwide.</p> <p>The webinar will introduce the GUIDE Japan and highlight major market, technology &amp; policy trends for one of the key driving markets for natural refrigerants.<br /><br />Register <a href="https://shecco.zoom.us/webinar/register/45cf9a3cd4c8031fcde7dc3c8da9331e" target="_blank">here</a>.</p> Global CFC ban helping ozone layer to heal http://www.r718.com/news/view/7054 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7054 2016-07-01 17:49:11 article <p><em>Researchers from the </em><em>Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have found that the thinning in the ozone layer above Antarctica is starting to heal.&nbsp;</em></p> Slovak EU Presidency to tackle Brexit, COP22 and Montreal HFC phase-down http://www.r718.com/news/view/7053 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7053 2016-07-01 17:19:24 article <p><em>The Slovak EU Presidency of the European Union is set to be particularly eventful, with the challenges posed by Brexit and the migrant crisis likely to be significant. Putting together the EU&rsquo;s contribution to Montreal Protocol amendment talks and pushing forward the EU&rsquo;s internal energy market plans will also be on the agenda of their presidency.</em></p> Future HVAC&amp;R investment to focus on energy efficiency, report finds http://www.r718.com/news/view/7049 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7049 2016-07-01 10:31:29 article <em>Investment in energy efficiency and clean energy technology is expected to increase in the next twelve months, according to a clear majority of energy management experts canvassed for the 2016 Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI) survey.</em> Brexit: Mixed feelings for industry as uncertainty reigns http://www.r718.com/news/view/7045 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7045 2016-06-30 13:17:36 article <p>With many questions regarding the United Kingdom&rsquo;s forthcoming exit from the European Union yet to be answered, industry representatives are divided on the extent to which Brexit will affect businesses operating in the UK.&nbsp;</p> Utilities put incentive money on the table http://www.r718.com/news/view/7044 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7044 2016-06-30 12:30:07 article <p>In the United States, utilities budgeted about $6 billion to promote energy efficiency through incentives in 2013.</p> UPDATE:&nbsp;Australia to cut HFC emissions http://www.r718.com/news/view/7038 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7038 2016-06-30 11:55:56 article <p>Australia will curb HFC emissions by 85% by 2036, the government announced on 27 June, joining the United States, the European Union and Japan as a "world leader" in reducing HFC emissions.&nbsp;</p> Read our coverage of ATMO America http://www.r718.com/news/view/7022 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7022 2016-06-28 07:52:37 article Our team was in Chicago for ATMOsphere America 2016, bringing you the latest news on natural refrigerants. Read on to hear about market trends, policy developments and exciting new technology applications in North America. Brexit: Former IOR president foresees HVAC&amp;R industry slowdown http://www.r718.com/news/view/7035 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7035 2016-06-27 10:21:36 article <p>23 June was Women in Engineering Day in the United Kingdom. And in an in-out referendum on EU membership held on the same day, the UK decided to leave the European Union. We spoke to former Institute of Refrigeration chief Jane Gartshore about the implications of both events for Britain&rsquo;s HVAC&amp;R industry.</p> United States, Spain clamp down on HCFC, CFC leaks http://www.r718.com/news/view/7032 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7032 2016-06-23 11:16:13 article <p>Recent decisions by the US and Spanish courts indicate that authorities around the world are ready to clamp down hard on companies responsible for leaking ozone-depleting and climate-damaging refrigerants into the atmosphere.</p> Leading Swiss retailer opts for natural refrigerants http://www.r718.com/news/view/7031 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7031 2016-06-23 09:22:31 article <p>Denner, a leading Swiss discount retailer, is putting energy efficiency &ndash; and natural refrigerants CO<sub>2</sub> and propane &ndash; at the top of its climate agenda. Their aim is to reduce emissions by 10% by 2020.</p> UK&rsquo;s EU F-Gas future uncertain as in-out referendum looms http://www.r718.com/news/view/7029 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7029 2016-06-22 11:37:49 article <p><em>On the eve of the UK referendum on continued EU membership, the shadow of Brexit looms large over the HVAC&amp;R industry &ndash; with a potential exit from the bloc putting the United Kingdom&rsquo;s f-gas phase-down trajectory on an uncertain footing.</em></p> shecco presents Accelerate America&nbsp;awards to Sobeys, Red Bull, Campbell Soup, True and Carnot http://www.r718.com/news/view/7025 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7025 2016-06-17 15:17:17 article <p>shecco announced the winners of its first annual <em>Accelerate America</em> Awards today at the biggest ever ATMOsphere America conference, taking place at the Westin Michigan Avenue in Chicago on June 16-17.</p> Exciting times ahead for natural refrigerants at ATMOsphere America http://www.r718.com/news/view/7024 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7024 2016-06-17 15:04:10 article <p>Participants gathered in Chicago for the biggest ever ATMOsphere America are hearing how competition between CO<sub>2</sub>, hydrocarbons and ammonia is creating exciting new opportunities and driving increased uptake of natural refrigerant-based technologies in the United States.</p> EUSEW Conference 2016 http://www.r718.com/events/view/1064 http://www.r718.com/events/view/1064 2016-06-14 12:53:47 event The high point of EUSEW is the annual&nbsp;Policy Conference&nbsp;featuring leading figures and a diverse programme of sessions and side-events aimed at discussing and shaping Europe&rsquo;s energy future.<br />The Policy Conference is the most important European conference dedicated to sustainable energy policy issues. Sessions organised by the European Commission and energy stakeholders debate new policy developments, best practices and sustainable energy ideas, while networking events forge alliances. Awards for outstanding projects begin the week.<br /><br /><br />Public authorities, energy agencies, industry associations, businesses, civil society organisations and the media are all invited to take part in the conference. Past speakers and participants have come from city councils and the European institutions, private companies and research organisations, citizen groups and NGOs. AHR Expo launches call for entries for 2017 Innovation Awards http://www.r718.com/news/view/7018 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7018 2016-06-10 12:21:59 article <p><em>The AHR Expo, a leading international HVAC&amp;R show, has launched its call for entries for the 2017 Innovation Awards competition.&nbsp;</em></p> ATMOsphere America to showcase leading end users&rsquo; adoption of natural refrigerant systems http://www.r718.com/news/view/7014 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7014 2016-06-08 16:53:49 article <p>The ATMOsphere America conference in Chicago next week will feature end user panel discussions addressing the latest implementation of natural refrigerant systems by some of the leading food retailers and industrial refrigeration operators in North America.</p> World leaders launch 'Advanced Cooling Challenge' http://www.r718.com/news/view/7009 http://www.r718.com/news/view/7009 2016-06-06 18:20:52 article <em>&lsquo;Advanced Cooling&rsquo;, launched last weekend at the Clean Energy Ministerial in San Francisco, challenges governments and businesses to develop and use efficient, smart, affordable and climate-friendly cooling technologies.</em>