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About the community

What is the community?

The community is your space on More importantly, it is your platform to interact with the growing natural refrigerants community from all around the world visiting regularly. The community allows you to find and add new contacts, send messages and post comments, join groups and discussions, share files and ideas. Furthermore, you can

  • add your company for free to the most comprehensive natural refrigerants directory worldwide and gain visibility in the international experts community;
  • add your events to the free events listing and check who will attend which events;
  • meet up with the who-is-who in the international natural refrigerants business;

The community is your gateway to the global natural refrigerants community uniting experts and stakeholders involved in heating and cooling technologies using water, hydrocarbons, ammonia or CO2 as refrigerant.

Build and maintain your professional contacts in the field of water refrigeration technology in particular and natural refrigerants in general, and capitalise on a worldwide network of research partners, clients, employers, decision makers, and solution providers.

Who joins the community?

The community already comprises thousands of members from all around the world. The community is very diverse, ranging from industry leaders, researchers, engineers and marketers, to policy makers, non-governmental organisations and media.

Anyone registering on automatically joins the community, either with a public profile - to be found by other members and interact - or a private profile - to be visible only to your selected contacts.

How do I join the community?

Just register as a free community member to have full access to all member restricted services and start connecting with other community members. Don't forget to select a public profile and complete it with information about you, your organisation, work and projects, as well as what you are looking for.

Registration only takes a few minutes, is completely free and easy to do. After confirming your registration by following the link that you receive right after your registration in the inbox of your e-mail programme, you will have immediate access to the community and the global natural refrigerants community.

Login with your / / account

If you are already a member of the, or community, you can use this same profile also for the community. Just login via / /, go to your profile and click on displaying your community profile on and you will have instant access to all features of all communities.

Having your profile displayed on all communities furthermore gives you the choice whether to publish your comments, posts, content on 1, 2, 3 or all 4 platforms at the same time.

Why do I need a public profile?

Your public profile is your "business card" to other registered members and new visitors. The more information you provide, the more likely it is to find the right contacts to join your network, and to be found by others.

The following information will be visible to anyone interested in your profile:

Basic details: Your name, organisation, position, and location.

About me: All fields you entered about you, your water refrigeration and other natural refrigerants projects, your area of work/study, and your requests.

Comments: If you posted a comment to one of the news articles on, a link will be visible to all visitors of your profile. Also, posts in the community feed and contributions to discussions on the forum will be collected in a dedicated section on your profile.

What if I don't want my profile to be seen by others?

You can join the community without being visible to others. The only thing you have to do is turn on the "private profile" option in your privacy settings. You will receive all the news alerts you subscribed to and still have access to member-restricted services, such as downloading papers. Your comments and forum posts will be displayed as "anonymous".

But please note: if you choose to be private, other community members won't be able to read your postings on the "latest requests", and your profile won't be accessible from anywhere on the website, be it a forum post or a comment. Also, you will not be able to add your company to the free directory, as members uploading companies automatically become by default moderators of the company group.

Where can I get help?

You can always contact the team either via the community or per email at

How to find new contacts?

In the member search you can enter any name, organisation, or keyword in one single search field to get a list of all community members matching your query. The easy-to-use search makes sure to find the right members for you, even if you don't remember a person's name or you are new to the community.

You can also look through the most active members on the community homepage, or select one of the new members that just joined the community.

How to add a new contact to my network?

Click on one of the latest members, the most active ones, or on one person you found through the member search to see some basic details about this person. If you want to invite someone to join your network, just click on the "Add contact" button displayed on each public member profile. This will open a contact request message you can customise before sending it to the person of interest. Wait for their approval to see the person displayed on your network and directly start exchanging messages and sharing files.

How to exchange messages with my contacts

If you want to send an internal message to one or more of your contacts, click on "Inbox" in the menu bar. The community mailing system opens and you can select "New message". Type the name of the member you would like to contact and choose the correct person from the drop-down menu. Enter a subject and message body and send it. Your contact(s) will receive a message to their e-mail inbox informing them about the new message from you.

You can of course always use the "Send message" button, displayed in members' profiles.

How to invite a new person to the community?

If you feel that your colleagues, business partners, customers, or any other person interested in natural refrigerant technologies for heating and cooling should join the community, use the "Invite a colleague" box in the right hand column. Fill in the name and e-mail address of the person and click on "Send invitation". He or she will receive a notification in their e-mail, letting them know that you have invited them to join the community.

Inviting new members to can start a chain reaction to help spread the word about water refrigeration technology and keep it moving forward around the world.

How to tell others what I am looking for?

One of the major goals of the community is to find solutions to challenges in the field of sustainable heating and cooling. Whatever you are looking for - systems and components, suppliers, contracting and development partners, fellow researchers, latest news updates, technical solutions etc -, just ask the and global natural refrigerants community for help.

Enter your request in the "I am looking for..." field when you edit your public profile. Your request will be shown on the community homepage in the "Latest Requests" field. All visitors of will be able to see your request and click on your profile to learn more about you.

To maximise your chances to be seen by someone offering a solution to your problem, fill in all fields in your public profile, and update your request regularly to stay on top of all requests.

How to discuss on the forum?

The discussion platform is open to all community members interested in learning about and sharing their experience with the natural refrigerant water in different applications. It is a moderated forum that will accept all opinions without censorship.

For more details on which rules apply to the discussion forum and how to use it, read our Community Guidelines.

How to join or create a group?

Very soon, you will be able to join or create groups on the community.

In a group, where access is restricted to invited members, all participants can schedule meetings, exchange files, discuss, and work on shared online documents. As all other features, you can access the groups you joined through the community.

Just click on "Join a group" to see the current list of groups. Unless a group is labelled as "Private Group" you can apply for membership by sending a message to the group moderator. Wait for their approval and you will have free access to the group you wanted to join.

If you want to create a group, go to the groups page on the community and click on the "Create a group" button on top. Just enter the group title, give a short description and upload an image to set up the group. Wait for the final approval by the team and you will be the moderator to decide about who joins your group.

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